INET Voice & VOIP Telephone Systems Can Tranform How You Do Business  

Save up to 20% on your Telephone Costs.   We have secured Competitively Priced Call Plans for our valued clients - providing unlimited mobile minutes and landline calls (to Ireland & UK).

We have also partnered with 3X VOIP Software, a leading Telephone System that allows you and your staff to manage your calls from your desktop or smartphone as well as making and receiving calls, even when you are out of the office.  

A 3CX telephone desktop application improves the call management processes for Answering, Transferring, and Parking phone calls and can synchronize with Microsoft Outlook contacts and Office 365 user contacts.

When dealing with customers, face-to-face communication is more powerful than any other form of contact. Do not let distance get in the way of delivering a great service. With the 3CX Client for Windows, you can easily start a video call on the spot between two or more parties as long as they have a video capable IP Phone or are using the 3CX VOIP System.

Features of the system include:

  • Enables you and your staff to take your office extension with you anywhere 
  • Customise your status to avoid disturbances at critical times 
  • See the status of your colleagues - to avoid unnecessary call transfers 
  • Telephone Virtual Receptionist Recording 
  • Call queues where required 
  • Unlimited recording of client calls which can be backed up to INET Cloud for Disaster Recovery.
  • Offsite Backup of Telephone Server in cloud for fast recovery in event of system failure. 
  • Connection of VOIP phone extensions for Onsite and Offsite Office employees.
  • Video Conferencing Facility


A software- based telephone system offers a range of benefits including:

  • Up to 20% Savings on your Telephone Call Costs 
  • Reduced  Hardware Costs - With 3CX the cost of buying, expanding and maintaining your VOIP System reduces, while also delivering monthly savings on call costs  
  • Avoids the need for separate telephone wiring as phones use computer networks
  • Provides greater flexibility, allowing colleagues and employees to work remotely as the need arises.

To find out much we can save your business with INET Voice & VOIP Telephone Systems, simply submit your interest using this form.

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To find out much we can save your business with INET Voice & VOIP Telephone Systems, simply submit your interest with this form: