Digitalisation Voucher

Digitalisation Voucher

INET - Enterprise Ireland Digital Roadmap Global Ambition

Enterprise Ireland has launched 'Global Ambition' a strategic consultancy grant to help companies plan for the adoption of digital tools to help keep their businesses competitive post Covid 19. 

INET is delighted to be appointed as an approved service provider for this exciting new initiative.  The voucher (up to a value of €9,000) covers either technical or advisory services related to digitalising your businesses to improve business processes using a combination of people skills development, process development and technology investment. 

For further details and eligibility criteria, please click here.

By availing of this grant, INET can help transform your business through a range of services, such as: 

  • Identifying new working practices to streamline and enhance processes.
  • Introducing digital tools and technologies to integrate systems across the business including Finance, Operations, Production, Logistics and Sales
  • Review new tools to improve processes and customer experience, such as  CRM, ERP and Robotics  
  • Introducing smarter warehousing technology to maintain more appropriate stock levels and reduce human error in order fulfilment 
  • Utilising Data Analytics to make better business decisions, improve internal processes, identify recurring revenue opportunities and enhance the customer experience
  • Identify Security Risks and mitigation strategies   


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Digitalisation Voucher

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