ICT Grant Funding For Schools

ICT Grant Funding For Schools

The Irish Government has extended the funding available to schools to invest in digital infrastructure which will benefit your students and school while preparing students for the modern world. 

INET can advise you on how best to invest this money - to ensure your students and school continue to benefit well into the future.

Funding can be Invested in a range of technology tools, such as:

  • Desktop PCs, Laptops, Tablets or Hybrid devices
  • Projectors/Whiteboards/Interactive Screens 
  • Cloud based tools and software applications to support learning.
  • Learning platforms – these are generally cloud based applications used to support the teaching and learning process.
  • Enhanced Broadband and Internet Connectivity 
  • Security Systems - Keeping your network, staff and students secure against Cyber Attacks

INET partners with schools nationwide to deliver a range of IT solutions - delivering effective and engaging learning methods in a safe and secure environment.  We can share our expertise and advise on how other schools are investing wisely and benefiting from this funding.