Delivering IT Solutions for GP's, Healthcare Providers and Pharmacies

Delivering IT Solutions for GP's, Healthcare Providers and Pharmacies

Now more than ever GP Practitioners, Pharmacies and Healthcare Providers need high quality, robust IT infrastructure and support to ensure they deliver high quality, confidential care to their patients.

With over 18 years’ experience across a range of sectors, including Healthcare, we understand the ever-changing needs of GPs, Doctors Surgeries, Healthcare Clinics and Pharmacies and the importance of delivering first class patient care while ensuring the ongoing security of confidential patient data.

INET can provide valuable IT insights and expertise to ensure your systems are fully integrated and performing to the optimum for the ongoing delivery of service and care for patients:

  • Helpdesk Support with our experienced technical team – who are on hand to deal with most issues remotely, saving you valuable time and money.
  • Peace of Mind knowing that your network and confidential client data are full protected from cyber attacks and unexpected disasters with our range of security solutions, including Firewalls, Encryption, Anti-virus Software, Data Backup and Staff Training to keep on top of the ever changing cyber threats.
  • We work in conjunction with Healthcare software providers, such as Helix, Socrates, Intact and Touchstore when upgrading hardware, to help support the migration of your information.
  • Enhanced patient care through first class VOIP Telephone Services to GP practice and pharmacy settings. Whether you operate in a single location or have multiple locations we can help you manage patient care more efficiently, through effective queuing systems, customised telephone messaging to manage ‘Out of Hours’ service and online consultations.
  • Access to INET Voice – delivering reduced call plan costs.  We have secured Competitively Priced Call Plans for a range of GP/Healthcare Clients. This has been particularly beneficial, with the significant increase in outbound mobile calls during the COVID-19 crises.
  • Planning and Implmentation of hardware and sofware upgrades - with funding options to help meet budget requirements. 

Why not let INET help you deliver a seamless, safe and efficient service to your patients.

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