Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

INET Computer Solutions offers the complete IT Managed Services Solution – giving you time to focus on your core business activities.  

By managing the efficiency and performance of your servers and devices we are identifying potential risks before they happen - reducing the risk of downtime,  business interruption, data loss and performance issues  - ensuring your business is always in a position to operate to its full potential.

Benefits of INET Managed IT Services 

Managed Helpdesk

Our managed service desk operates from 9am – 5.30pm from Monday to Friday.  We also offer ‘Out of Hours’ Emergency contracts to clients depending on their business requirements.  

Our experienced technical engineers provide our clients with end-to-end IT Managed Service Solutions.  They will assist you across a range of IT related issues:

  • Technical Support
  • Hardware Performance Issues 
  • User Administration
  • Procurement Services
  • Software Licenses Set Up/Renewals

We commit to Service Level Agreements with agreed response times across Critical, High, Medium and Low Priority tickets.  A monthly ticket report is issued to all our clients.  This provides transparency and also assists with any potential training gaps within our client businesses.  

Monitoring of Servers, Devices, Firewalls and Networks

With minimal set up, we can provide instant support with immediate access to your managed servers, devices, firewall and network.  We can monitor your servers and devices in term of Disk Space, CPU and available Memory.  

We can identify what devices are under performing and recommend upgrades where possible.  We can also carry out Windows Security Updates with our Cloud based monitoring system enabling us to scale up as your business continues to grow.

Planning the Upgrade/Replacement of Devices 

We issue regular monitoring reports to our clients providing performance details of servers and devices – including age of machines, serial numbers, processor type and RAM usage.  This helps our clients make informed decisions around upgrading and replacing older/lower spec devices over time.  

We can help you budget over 1-5 year cycles to ensure your business is not hit with any surprises.  We can also offer a range of Funding Options over 36 – 60 months.

Patch Management 

GDPR guidelines recommend that all businesses make reasonable efforts to keep hardware up to date with the latest security releases. This reduces the risk of the business being affected by the next cyber-attack.  

The simplest way to do this is to implement a patch/update schedule which we can control for you.  The patch schedule ensures your machine is kept up to date with all the latest security updates released by Microsoft.

It also avoids delays in your working day as we tailor the patch schedule to suit your working hours and can start this process in the morning/evening and schedule to shut down your machine afterwards.

Hard Drive Predictive Fail Scanning

We can test the hard drives on every machine to check for any errors. If any errors are found on the drive, it raises a warning on our monitoring system allowing us to notify you and agree a plan of action to prevent the drive fail completely.

Offline Device Monitoring

We can monitor any key/high priority devices and detect if they go offline which allows us to take appropriate action to avoid downtime.  For example, we use this to monitor servers that run critical services that other devices depend on, so we can see the problem right away and implement a fix.  If a key device is offline, it appears on a public dashboard in our office so any member of staff can act on the report/alert.

Dedicated Account Manager 

You will have access to a dedicated Account Manager who will engage with you on a regular basis to review our performance and ensure you are receiving the highest level of service as agreed in your contract.  

You will receive regualar telephone calls, monthly ticket reports and quarterly monitoring reports.  We challenge ourselves to continuously enhance the service we provide to our clients and welcome feedback on how we can further enhance our service offering.  

Your Account Manager can also assist in the ongoing procurement process.  Through your monitoring reports we can assist in sourcing and installing device replacements and upgrades to ensure the ongoing operational efficiency of your business. 

INET 360°
IT Managed Service Solution

By partnering with INET – you are leveraging our industry experience and expertise to not only manage all day-to-day IT activities but also to manage more longer term IT investment decisions. Ongoing monitoring and management of servers and devices means  we identify underperforming devices and recommend upgrades where possible.  This will help you make informed decisions around upgrading and replacing IT hardware over time. We can help you budget over 1-5 year cycles to ensure your business is not hit with any surprises.  This also leads to less downtime and costs associated with business interruption. As a business owner, this means you will have more time to focus on the strategic growth and development of your business.

We work with you to ensure your IT works effectively for your business - ensuring you continuously maximise the return on your IT Investment.


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