GDPR Compliance

GDPR Compliance

Are You IT GDPR Compliant?

Now more than ever businesses across all sectors need high quality, robust IT infrastructure and support to ensure they deliver high quality, confidential service to their clients.  New data sharing legislation (GDPR) means you need the support of an experienced, trustworthy service provider. 

All businesses are now required to be fully transparent about how they use and safeguard personal data.  INET can ensure your business is fully compliant by implementing a range of network and computer security solutions such as: encryption, anti-virus software, data backup, auditing tools, awareness training and enhanced processes.

Here are just some of the questions you need to be asking about your business and Data Protection:

  • Does your company have a privacy policy, governing your company’s treatment of Personal Data?
  • What Personal Data is collected and/or processed?
  • Where is it stored/transmitted? For how long?
  • Is it under your control or the control of a third party or contractor?
  • Do you request consent to collect and process the data?
  • Does your security policy address how client data is secured during storage and transmission 

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GDPR Compliance Audit

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