Cyber Security - INET Top Tips

Cyber Security - INET Top Tips


Cyber Security is becoming more and more important for businesses and online shoppers across Ireland with the ongoing increase in risks from Cyber Attacks which can maliciously disable computers or steal valuable and sensitive data.

Here are some tips to keep your data secure:

  • Always practice good password management. 
  • Apply multi-factor authentication where possible for additional security. 
  • Never click on suspicious links received by email. Examples of this can also be fake Facebook or LinkedIn requests received by email. 
  • Don’t Use Free Anti-Virus.  Always use proper licensed Anti-Virus software on your devices, including mobile phones.
  • Don’t Save logins. Say No when prompted! If a PC or Phone is compromised the hacker could look at a file which stores all of your passwords with ease. A better option would be to download an App called Roboform to save your passwords.
  • If unsure about an email, simply right click over the email address to verify the email address.

Business Owners should:

  • Educate staff on the threats associated with Cyber Security and how to use mobile devices safely.
  • Ensure all your devices are running up to date software.  Always keep machines fully patched with latest Security Updates from Microsoft and other Third Party Software Providers.
  • Never leave devices such as laptops, tablets and mobile phones unattended.  For desktop PC's lock your screen or shut down the PC when not in use. 
  • Always back up your data.
  • Consider investing in advanced email filtering solutions to safeguard your business from phishing, ransomware and other types of attacks. 
  • Consider additional layers of security - including Email Back Up and Encryption.
  • Extend your Cyber Security Strategy to include all remote working environments. 

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