Microsoft Office Multi-Factor Authentication

Microsoft Office Multi-Factor Authentication

Keeping Your Business Secure with

Microsoft Office Multi-Factor Authentication


What is Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) in Office 365?

MFA is an additional layer of security in addition to having a password protected account. It involves having to enter a uniquely generated code along with your usual password which is sent by text to your mobile phone each time you want to log in.

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Why is MFA needed?

Having this additional layer of security means that only the person who receives the uniquely generated code can log in. This eliminates any malicious/unwanted third-party access to a user’s mailbox/Office 365 account.

It’s the single most powerful and effective security method to protect against your mailbox being compromised. It makes it impossible for someone to gain access to your mailbox without having access to the code text to your phone.

It prevents against attacks where end users surrender their credentials, for example, if you shared your mailbox details via email and the recipient’s mailbox was ever compromised.

We strongly recommend implementing MFA for all users.  Talk to INET today to see how we can help keep your business secure.





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