Eir to start charging €5.99 per month for eircom.net email service

Eir to start charging €5.99 per month for eircom.net email service

Eir recently announced a new monthly charge of €5.99 for using the previously free eircom.net email service. If you are a customer of an eicom.net email address and do not agree to pay by March 31st, your email account will be deleted. Eir has tried to communicate this to all its users by way of social media and their website.

Free email accounts have always offered the use of their service but remember it is your information that is within! If it’s a free Gmail account, Hotmail, or another free email service, you are granting that email provider a lot of control over the content within, if used for your business.

There are a lot of Eircom.net customers who signed up for free Eircom.net email accounts over the years. It was free and it was easy and more common before Gmail and Hotmail days. We have supported many customers over the years to migrate their old eircom.net account to a more preferred yourdomain.ie account, which ensured more control and access to their email using Microsoft 365.

As we know, there are still some customers who are still using Eircom.net email address. But a change is now on the horizon as Eir has decided that maintaining your previously free email requires a charge. They will now charge €5.99 per month for something that was originally free and get nothing extra in return! You can pay from about €2 a month for your OWN email hosting and pay yearly. You’ll have more features and more control. 

We think this is a good time to have a think about your email address and how it presents to customers. If you’re now going to pay for something, how about paying for something you have complete control over like yourdomain.com?

An Important Disclaimer

If you have an Eircom.net email account, you will have to decide what to do and take action. If you do nothing and lose access to your email address, you will also lose access to any website portal where you’ve used your eircom.net email account as a login.

So, you have an important choice to consider: Pay Eir €5.99 to keep your email address or don’t pay them and lose your email address forever.


Hosted EMail/Domain

Over the course of a year, Eir’s new email plan will cost almost €72. If you’re going to be conducting a lot of business and have several employees, we highly recommend something more like Microsoft Office365 email plans, which start at €4.20 (plus VAT) per user, per month.  

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