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An interactive whiteboard or IWB is a large interactive display that combines the simplicity of a whiteboard, power of a computer and front projection. Promethean interactive whiteboards engage students with vivid images, video and audio.

The ActivBoard interactive whiteboard enables anything that can be seen or done on a computer screen to be projected onto an interactive whiteboard – bringing every classroom to life.

Promethean ActivBoards offer interactive whiteboard solutions, using ground breaking technology to promote learning. Interactive whiteboards are a key component to Promethean’s all-in-one 21st century classroom solution: The ActivClassroom.

INET offers a range of Promethean interactive whiteboard solutions that can meet needs of every classroom.

ActivBoard 300 interactive whiteboard

ActivBoard 300 Pro interactive whiteboard range

Teaching is quite an experience. Learning should be too. 
The ActivClassroom has always been all-encompassing. Now, it’s an all-in-one interactive, collaborative, multimedia experience designed to capture the imagination of any type of learner—from the auditory to the visual to the kinesthetic and everywhere between. The reason: the ActivBoard 300 Pro interactive whiteboard range, a feature-rich interactive whiteboard that combines colour, motion and interactivity with integrated sound and Dual-User functionality.

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ActivBoard 300 interactive whiteboard

ActivBoard 300 interactive whiteboard range

In the ActivClassroom, change is a welcome constant.Students grow and learn, curricula shift, ideas and methods evolve and back again. Education is always seeking what’s next, but every classroom has to start somewhere. That’s why we created theActivBoard 300 interactive whiteboard range—a solid foundation for your ever-evolving ActivClassroom then grows with you.

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ActivBoard 100 interactive whiteboard

ActivBoard 100 interactive whiteboard range

Learning journeys begin one step at a time, but even the most revolutionary efforts start with the basics.ActivClassroom offers inspired learning combing interactive whiteboard technology and educational software packages; bringing learning to the next level. The ActivBoard 100 interactive whiteboard range is a great place to start.

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ActivBoard 100 Fixed interactive whiteboard

ActivBoard +2 interactive whiteboard range

Curious learners know that there is always another dimension to discover. Far beyond traditional lectures and notes, transparencies and slideshows, the world of knowledge is full of amazing sound and color, shape and movement. In the ActivClassroom, the greatest educational show on earth starts as soon as the bell rings. ActivBoard +2 interactive whiteboard is a big part of the reason.

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