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INET are a registered Dell Partner and Hewlett Packard Partner with specialised knowledge in specifying servers for your business that ensure 100% productivity and also maximum savings choosing the most suitable server for your business. We even focus on the cost of running your Server and are able to choose the most power conservative systems delivering return on investment from day one.

SEI Ireland Save back against your Tax for all G6 Hp Servers

The Accelerated Capital Allowance (ACA) is a tax incentive which aims to encourage companies to invest in energy saving technology.The ACA allows companies to write off 100% of the purchase value of qualifying energy efficient equipment against their profit in the year of purchase.

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Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
Minimum Expenditure €1,000

* Expenditure within each equipment category must, at the end of the accounting period, be equal to or exceed minimum expenditure amounts relevant for each category. Minimum expenditure can be over a range of projects, procurements etc as it only relates to overall company expenditure on BEMS technologies in the accounting period.

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