INET Backup & Disaster Recovery


Acronis BackupSmall and medium businesses increasingly require a level of data recovery assurance to ensure that your business is operational all of the time to include full disaster recovery scenarios for server failure or even fire damage. Thinking SAFE addresses these needs with the choice of a fully managed service.

Whether you have a single site, or a network of remote offices, Thinking SAFE will carefully consider your requirements and come up with cost effective options, taking into account such issues as recovery time and recovery point objectives, availability of in-house IT skills and bandwidth limitations. Where IT resource is limited, many clients prefer our fully managed service, incorporating helpdesk support, daily monitoring, hosted storage and disaster recovery services. Where IT resources are plentiful, clients often purchase our complete hardware and software solution to manage in-house. The choice is yours!

Here’s what INET Computer Solutions can do for you:

  • Automatic backup and recovery policies across all company systems.
  • All data secured with a single software platform.
  • Easy management of backup, recovery and archive processes via central console.
  • Recovery Time and Recovery Point reduced to just minutes saving your company thousands of Euros in lost revenue through unscheduled downtime as every minute counts.
  • Data secured with PKI and AES 256 bit encryption for our offsite backup technology securing and encrypting your data before it leaves your network until it reaches our data centre.
  • Backup and recovery data replicated to multiple sites for increased resilience.
  • All mobile and remote data secured.
  • Lower total cost of ownership.

We are proud Acronis Certified Partners who are the leading Software Disaster Recovery Solution Providers in the World.

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