INET Remote Access Solutions


Remote access solutions allow remote users to access your Local Area Network (LAN) from anywhere via the Internet. If your users need a solution that is reliable enough to allow them access when they are on the road using a corporate laptop, in an Internet café or on their home computer, INET Computer Solutions have the answer.

Windows Small Business Server 2003 gives the capability for you and your employees to work remotely and to stay connected to your important business information and resources from virtually anywhere. This includes remote access to your e-mail, internal Web site, network files and even your business applications. Using any computer that has an Internet connection, you can:

  • Securely access your personal office desktop, along with all the shared information and server resources
  • Easily access your e-mail, schedule, and contacts using an Internet-enabled computer or Windows Mobile-based device (which also allows you to capitalise on familiar applications such as Microsoft Word and Excel)
  • Communicate in real time to stay current with your company and customers 

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