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At INET Computer Solutions, we provide a full range of web solutions

Our website professionals include specialists in programming, graphic design, site architecture, content development, and project management. Our team approaches each project with the same philosophy – get it right deliver highest level of service!

We meticulously plan, ensuring that your project is in line with your objectives. We also plan for the future – a web solution conceived and developed by the INET team is a web solution that works today and that is scalable for tomorrow.

We pride ourselves by listening to what our customers need. All of our clients website solutions are built on quality, service.

Design - Engage your customers!

A great site design concept requires careful planning and must consider the following three components: visual presentation, content and functionality. At INET we work with our customers to produce a seamless integration of these three components. We evaluate content and functionality needs carefully before developing the design and navigation and ultimately the “look and feel” of your website INET takes an innovative approach to each and every project. We offer a structured process but guarantee an original and unique design!

Content - Communicate what your business stands for!

Site content defines the scope and direction of a website project, affecting the design process, the production timeline, and the site architecture. For clients who do not have an in house marketing team, content preparation can be a daunting task, and is often responsible for delays in production. How does INET help? Compelling web content keeps visitors interested in your site and your business. Writing good web content, however, is not easy let us help you.

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